How much is a homeless man worth?

Yesterday I had an experience that might have changed my life. One of those things you will look back on and know that's where it all clicked. As I talked about in my last post I believe that all people matter. I wear the bracelet constantly. Sometimes I don't notice it is there. Other times it's... Continue Reading →


But do people really matter?

First off, thank you to everyone who read my last post. The positive feed back was humbling. If you haven't followed my blog, there is a button to the left. Click it. As I have sat here these past two weeks thinking of the first topic to write about, one thing keeps coming to mind.... Continue Reading →

we are far too easily pleased

Before I start posting on this blog I think there is stuff everyone should know. 1. I write weird. I wrote down how my brain thinks. It almost looks like a flow chart. I'll start on one thing and it will move me to something else. Because of this I write fast. I'm sure there... Continue Reading →

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