So I bought…

So I bought what?

It’s from my favorite book of the Bible. The book of Hosea.

If you have never read the book of Hosea, go do it. Read the first three chapters at least. It’s about a man named Hosea and a woman named Gomer. Hosea was a prophet. God tells him to go marry a prostitute. Hosea obeys. He marries a woman named Gomer. After a short while, she goes back to being a prostitute. She sleeps with other men. She leaves her husband to do her own thing. Unlike most of us, Hosea still loves his wife and pursues her. He goes and finds her and buys her back. He buys back his wife. He didn’t leave her when she left him. He chased after her. He loved her unconditionally. He didn’t just find her and take her back. He found her and bought her back.

This story is a symbol of God and Israel. God is Hosea. Israel is Gomer, the prostitute. When Israel would run off and chase other idols God didn’t just leave them. He loved them and provided a way for salvation. A way to buy them back.

This story is also a symbol of God and us. God is Hosea. We are Gomer, the prostitute. We are the dirty cheater. We are the ones doing our own things and not caring about our commitment. We are leaving the person who provides for us only to be temporarily satisfied by doing our own thing. Instead of leaving us in our sin, God bought us back. He bought us back with his Son.

This tattoo kind of goes along with the last post. God loves us unconditionally. He loves us so much he bought us back to himself. If God loves me when I screw up and run from Him, then I must love others when they screw up and run from him. It’s my job to love other and let God do the rest.

Love God. Love People.


Judah Smith does a fantastic job of explaining this story in a video. Click here to watch it.



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