Dearly Loved

There are many things that I struggle with. One of them is feeling like I’m not good enough. It’s easy for me to understand that someone loves me, but it’s hard for me to think of someone liking me. I feel like with God I am always getting on his nerves, especiI think this comes to my mind because it is hard for us to understand that God doesn’t have the same thought process that we do.

It doesn’t take long for us to get annoyed with someone. Sometimes it isn’t even something they did. It is just because we are in a bad mood. God doesn’t get in bad moods. God doesn’t get annoyed with us. He loves us and likes us. I got a tattoo of the word “beloved” on my left wrist to help me remember this. It helps me remember that God loves me and he likes me. It reminds me that he won’t get tired of me.

Beloved. This means to be dearly loved. “Beloved” is used a lot by Paul when writing letters to the churches. It is also used by God when he is talking about Jesus. The root of the word “beloved” in Greek is the word “agape”. Agape is a type of love that basically means unconditional. That means no matter what I do or don’t do God’s love does not change about me.

Not only is this the way that God loves me, but this is the way that I am called to love other people. I am called to love them unconditionally. Nothing they do or don’t do should cause me to love them any different. This is extremely difficult. It’s hard to love people that I don’t like. Sometimes it’s hard to love the people I do like. I am to love people I disagree with. People who hate me. People who don’t want what’s best for me. People who have wronged me. I am called to love those people as Jesus loves me.

Our minds sometimes think things that we know are not true. There are times I feel that God is annoyed with me the same way I get annoyed with others. In those times I remember it isn’t what I feel, but what I know. I know God loves me and likes me.

I know I am to Love God. Love People.


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