After my Kanji tattoo, I got my star tattoos. These story behind these are much more simple but still have something to learn.

I got my star tattoos simply because I liked them. It looked cool to me and I wanted them. I am not sure if it made me feel like I fit in with a certain crowd. Idk if it made me feel cool. I have no clue why I decided to get them, but now I have them. Just because they don’t tell much of a story doesn’t mean that I hate them or regret them. I think there is much to learn from them.

How often do we get things in life or do things because we want to? or because they make us feel cool? or we do them to please other people? You can say it was just a dumb mistake I made as a 19 year old, but we all do this. People buy houses they can’t afford because they think it will help them fit in. They buy their kids nice cars because they want to be the cool parents. We say things to try to sound cool. We wear what we think gets the approval of others. Just about everything we do is because of how we want to appear to other people.

I feel we all do so many things trying to gain the approval or recognition of others. Some people dress like everyone else to be accepted. Others don’t dress like everyone else because they want to stand out. The shows we watch. The cars we drive. The neighborhoods we live in. The friends we have. Our instagram posts. ESPECIALLY our instagram posts. We get upset when we don’t get enough likes. We filter our pictures. We post them at certain times so more people see them. All of this is for the approval of others.

I am going to challenge you do things that please two people. First Jesus. Second yourself. Finding your happiness and glorifying God are not two different things, but the same. John Piper says “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” We should do everything we can to please God. This will ultimately lead to our joy. Forget the cars, houses, tattoos, clothes, or whatever else you feel like you need to be cool or be happy. If you are happy with yourself and running after Jesus then everything else will fall into place. Encourage someone this week and tell them they don’t need the approval of the world.

“If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection.”

*Fun side note: People only started calling me TeeAye, whiteteeaye, or TA after I got these tattoos. So if you need a cool nickname then go get a tattoo. (JK. thats a terrible idea. don’t do that)

Love God. Love People.


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