bind my wandering heart to thee

This post is going to be the most difficult one for me to write so far. It will be hard because I’m not good at it. I’m speaking more from experience of things I know don’t work. I am not an expert on the subject, but I have learned from experiences.

God calls us to do life together. That is easy when times are good. Not so easy when times are bad. We can’t do life alone. In Galatians it tells us to “bear one another burdens”. In James it tells us to “confess our sins to one another and pray for one another”. This is so hard for me.

Confess my sins to someone else? really? We hate doing that. Confession means that I am admitting I have a problem. Admitting everything is not alright. So often we walk past someone and ask how they are. We dont listen for a response or dig deeper. In all honesty we probably dont care. We are just asking to be polite. Almost every time someone says they are doing fine or good. We hate admitting something is not going our way. I hate admitting something isnt going my way. Its a pride thing. We love control. If we admit something is wrong and not going our way we are admitting we arent in control.

Our secret sins are killing our communities. Affairs. Drug addictions. Pride. Porn addictions. Debt. Hatred. Marriage problems. Depression.

None of these are fun to talk about. We fake the smile. Act happy. And the problems grow.

But what if we told someone. What if we all had someone we could trust to talk to about our problems knowing that they had our best interest in mind? This is what the Bible calls us to.

Confessing sin is a good thing. It is freeing. It allows you to move past it and get help. You find out that you arent alone. In fact, most people struggle with the same things.

One Wednesday night a few years back I was leading a small group of middle school guys. The topic of the night was on lust and how it negatively impacts our lives. When we got back to the room I asked the guys who all struggled with lust. (I was a teenage boy at one point. I know that it is a struggle most if not all guys struggle with.) To my surprise, not one single person raised their hand or spoke up. I knew people were ashamed and embarrassed. They felt alone. I told them to all close their eyes. I then repeated the question. Every boy raised their hand. I told them to open their eyes and look around. They were all shocked to see everyone struggling with the same thing. They said they felt alone and that nobody else struggled with that.

This is the very thing Satan loves to do. He loves us to feel alone. He loves us to be embarrassed. He loves us to be too ashamed to ask for help. He loves for us to forget about the fact that Jesus died for ALL my sins while one the cross. Thats how he keeps us enslaved.

Another example. Most people decide at some point during the year that they are going to get in better shape. These people dont do it alone. They workout with someone. Eat healthy with someone. Go to weight watchers weigh ins. Something. This is because it is easy at first, but gets hard over time. We need other people to stay on us about being at the gym. We need other people to talk to us constantly about our diet. Why do we assume we are strong enough to do spiritual things alone?

Dont make the mistake to think that your sin is your problem and it doesnt bother anyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth. The way you live your life in secret and in public impacts everyone you come in contact with. As believers we are the body of Christ. You arent the body of Christ alone. You need me and I need you. We have to work together. We need community.

God wants us to have a person or group of people to do life with. Good. Bad. Ugly. Hold each other accountable. Share struggles and burdens. Pray for one another. It is a must. You cant do it on your own. I would go as far as to say that if you dont have someone holding you accountable that you arent growing in Christ. This life wasnt meant to live alone. Lets be the church and see how much different things look.

Love God. Love Others.


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