Flowers. Ships. and White Ink

Its been a while since my last post. Football season has come and gone so I have a little time to write again. We are currently having a snow day so I figured it would be a good time to write another blog. Before I continue with the tattoo blog I am going to fill... Continue Reading →


Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion

These past few weeks it has been hard to find topic more common than abortion. There have been marches from people on both sides of the issue. There have been hours of news coverage. There were people who picked a presidential candidate based strictly on this issue. To say that abortion is a big topic... Continue Reading →

I got this feeling inside my bones

This title has nothing to do with the topic. At all. Just a good song lyric. Anyway. A lot has happened since i posted last. Me and Kelsey got married. My sister Alex is in Africa for a month. Summer is officially on. Life is going well. I find myself trying to make other people... Continue Reading →

I was hungry and you fed me. 

This post isn't to brag or to bring glory to any person or group of people.  This post is to share an experience with you that I am still trying to process.  Today a group of people from my church met up to go feed the homeless. A local organization does this every week under... Continue Reading →

Do we really want people to come as they are?

Most people probably clicked on this because of the title. We seem to find some sick satisfaction out of knowing someone else is worse than we are. We are quick to judge. Slow to ask questions. Hardly ever show compassion. And God forbid we overlook someone's problems and just love them.  It saddens me how... Continue Reading →

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